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  • Passports

    (Original and Registered Passports)

    If you're interested in some Passport that is not shown, please send us an email:
    Please let us have:
    - Surname / Given name
    - Date of birth - Place of birth - Height
    - Holder's signature (black pen on white background - min 140dpi)
    - Holder's passport photo (you can go to any photographer and ask for a passport photo)

    The passport is printed using sophisticated printing presses which allow the document to include highly detailed graphics incorporating a range of security features. These features include the perfect alignment of invisible inks which can be seen using ultraviolet (UV) light with their visible counterparts, as well as graphics that only become obvious when the passport is viewed at an acute angle.

    We deliver a fully registered hard copy passport in 2 working days.
    A DHL/FedEx/UPS tracking number will be sent to you within 12 hours from shipping.

  • Driving Licenses

    (original and registered driving licenses)

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